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Philippe Restaurant Collins St – Zinc Bars

June 25, 2016

A great restaurant experience begins by turning into any darkened alley.

Just off Collins Street, 115 to be exact, you decend into France through heavy metal studded doors to Philippe by Philippe Mouchel… and the Europeans say that WE are downunder?

This basement location once housed Greg Malouf & Jamie Oliver, not at the same time of course but can you imagine the menu?

Zinc bars feature strongly in the cosy room, offest by the undulating roof, open kitchen and exposed brickwork. The illuminated glass wall adds immense warmth, inviting early arrivals to the bar where it’s irresistable texture provokes endless exploration by curious finger tips. It was so satisfying to observe this interaction as we enjoyed dinner there on a stormy night in June.

“It’s a beautiful building, but it was a bit too dark for me,” says Mouchel. “So we renovated the place, and gave it a bit of a lift.” (quote from Tim Grey’s article in the link below)

If you are interested in Zinc bar tops, dine in at Philippe’s (open for lunch & dinner at least 5 days per week) and request a seat at the bar?



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